Friday, June 30, 2017

Accident or Sabotage: What's going about Monalisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz III

Monalisa Perez has a You Tube Channel with some simple Pranks. Here is the You Tube post of the last one before the deadly shooting:

The Couple wants to Create an Video who goes Viral to get more Clicks and Subscription for here Channel. The Idia was to cath a bullet from an pistol with a bigger bock.

This looks like an accident. She has Posted a Tweet before, where she claims that this Video design was the Idea of the later Victim Pedro Ruiz III. She claims, there was a test shot to a Book who stopped the Bulled. Well, the Weapon was an 50AE Dessert Eagle. This is a rarely huge gun. Such a Bullet penetrates 10 Telephone Books. Look here:

The Accident is well documented. I have read, there where 2 Video Cameras active and additional 30 witnesses present. Also the couple have Talk about the project with some persons. But what about the test shot? Why did the test bullet did not pass the book? In my Opinion the question must be subject of a detailed criminal investigation. Imagine someone influences Pedro to Trigger the Idea and the same Person removes a substantial part of the gunpowder from one cartridge of the test shot? If the police did not detect such kind of sabotage it is possible that this is a perfect capital crime.