Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How can we prevent Film and Music Managers from dropping citizen rights and punisch customers

Today in Great Britain the Digital Economy Bill was discussed in the House of Commons. Only 20 People are present in this technical important Case of Law creation.

A small Number of chiefs of the Film and Music Industry is unable to create new, working Business Models. This guys are claim call constantly new rights. Completely without regard to the protection of civil rights. Not even the rights of their own customers will be respected by these people. None of the now legal protected systems of digital rights management guarantees ownership of the customers. It can always happen that the honest customers their property has been withheld.

Commercial interests will always try to increase the profit by using lobby sensitive politicians. Citizen rights are ony secure, if these guys are recognize, that citizens and customers are not accept these intention. How can we tell them out opinion? There are some study in relation to file sharing:

Unbelievable what's it all. Meanwhile, you can automate even at Twitter retweet. So if you want to pass everything to # VoteByBuy automatically from me, then you can do with Trend Setters.

This shows that the above-mentioned industries has thus Preferably, the systematic criminalization of their own customers. But how do you do a bunch of unimaginative old men something so clear that they have to take it despite the prejudice barrier to knowledge?

This can happen only on money, the only language that is understood. Such a signal must be clearly and be comprehensible to everyone. The media industry lives of hype, and at this celebration to, they have created like German Media Control, which produce weekly sales figures to an appropriate ranking. These have decades of tradition, and therefore can not be easily removed to cover-up purposes again.

Now, if all the people who see your civil rights at risk or who feel inappropriately criminalized, make sure they buy only on odd weeks media products, or pay rent, thus creating a visible signal for all. The action could run indefinitely, and so slowly rocking and worldwide distribution, and would be documented by Media Control & Co open to the public clearly and objectively. At some point would have if the scientists are right, the amplitude be Huge, which the valley bottoms to be so deep that you alone would have been the managers do the cold sweat on the forehead.

The following should refrain from consumers with even number of weeks in the calendar:

  1. Media Buy, which are not updated daily

  2. Press articles download fee

  3. Press articles to pay

  4. Borrow CD's (yes this one can borrow just about the entire week)

  5. Buy CD's

  6. Music download fee

  7. Concerts visit

  8. Borrow DVD's (you can even borrow it just for the entire week)

  9. Buy DVD's

  10. Borrow Blue Rays (you can even borrow it just for the entire week)

  11. Buy Blue Rays

  12. Movies download fee

  13. Pay TV is paying (mostly on account or prepaid card)

  14. Cinema visit

  15. Buy computer games

  16. Computer games rentals

  17. Computer games download for a fee

The action can be continued until suitable Commitments have been made. In the discussion and promotion of this action with Twitter should Hashtag #VoteByBuy be used. In blogs the keyword VoteByBuy should be used, according to Google it does not exist within the web. It is important that Saturday and Sunday are in one Week. This is not the case within the English Week counting. To ensure this and international homo genius performance, i suggest to use the German week codes:

Amendment 10 Apr.: Unbelievable! Meanwhile, you can automate retweet on Twitter. So if you want automatically to pass everything about #VoteByBuy from me, then you can do this with the help of Trend Setters.