Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Webmaster can wipe out censorship from the face of the earth!

It is actually quite simple, to eliminate the scourge of censorship from the face of the earth. Only enough important Webmaster with useful or essential services must Participate. I think about search engines, banks, auction houses, dealers, ...

  • Provide your web site at https, if that was not the case.

  • Build your website in such a way, that important functions are running on the https. This means, when someone blocked the port 443 it has no longer make sense to work. This can be for example the login like in Ebay, the query function like in Google or the search and purchase like in Amazon.

  • Set up a TOR client.

  • Configure your https server so that is the content of from the Tor network.

From the point of view of a dictator this is no longer distinguishable from one access to the website Because of the usage of the TOR network any attempt to punish access of prohibited websites is impossible. Only if something is prohibited in any country where TOR servers are on the track, you can follow the trace of the user. Correlation analysis can not work! The Dictator only has the choice to block access to or to endure the hole. If enough big Websites do this by her own decision or president Obama creates a law to do this on big websites, and censorship will wipe out in Iran, China and everywhere where Internet exists!

The only remaining method of censorship would be the type of Dictators Pol Pot and Kim Jong-Ils. Only the economic disadvantages are so huge that on a permanent basis will not work, because in the future, the support for each product will come over the Internet.

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